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REVISED 6-15-21
As of June 15, 2021, California has removed the Blueprint and has mostly reopened the State. To this end, all of our classrooms will resume normal operations and student enrollment. We will continue to frequently wipe down our facilities to maintain cleanliness. The wearing of masks is optional for students. We are available for onsite as well as traveling course training.
Any student showing signs of illness should NOT attend our training.

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EMT Psychomotor Skills Testing for California and NREMTs (Testing Only, NO Training or Practice)

EMT Skills Testing, also known as "EMT Psychomotor Examination" or "EMT Skills Verification," for California and NREMT (Initial and Refresher).


EMT Psychomotor Skills Test Practice Session (4 Hour EMS-CE) (Practicing EMT Skills, NOT Training or Testing)

Come practice your EMT skills with a certified EMT Instructor. This is designed for those EMT's who need some practice prior to taking the NREMT or California EMT Skills testing (initial or renewal). We will cover any and all skills you would like.  In addition, if you are an EMT student who wishes to get additional skills practice, this is for you too. All EMT Students are welcome. We will go over the new 2016 NREMT Skills tests as well as those skills testing within California (All Counties).


EMT Psychomotor Skills Test Training Session (8 Hour EMS-CE) (Training EMTs on Skills Testing)

This training session is intended to help you prepare for EMT Skills Testing. It is a full day of training that focuses on the necessary steps to perform your skills in a testing format. This training is especially important for students who have a significant period of time between their EMT Training and Skills Testing.


EMT 40-hour Skills Academy

This EMT 40-hour Skills Academy course will provide all of the hands-on training required to be a competent Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) in the field. Geared for those EMT’s who have taken a primarily online EMT course with little to no hands-on experience. We will teach and review all EMT skills and spend time preparing you to attend to actual patients and not just take and pass the NREMT psychomotor exams.

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