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REVISED 6-15-21
As of June 15, 2021, California has removed the Blueprint and has mostly reopened the State. To this end, all of our classrooms will resume normal operations and student enrollment. We will continue to frequently wipe down our facilities to maintain cleanliness. The wearing of masks is optional for students. We are available for onsite as well as traveling course training.
Any student showing signs of illness should NOT attend our training.

Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT)

NREMT/CAPCE (F3) Recertification

NOTE - Effective October 1, 2022, the NREMT no longer requires that a portion of refresher training be conducted in person or via VILT (Virtual Instructor-led Training), also known as F5 training. This means per NREMT you can take an entirely online version (F3) for recertification or for re-entry into NREMT, or for those who failed the NREMT exam three times.

We still offer an F5 version as many students prefer this method of instruction. However, if you sign up for the F5 version where some of the training must be done with a live instructor, be sure to allow enough time to complete the training before your certification lapses.

Safety Unlimited, Inc. will continue to offer F5-VILT sessions through March 31, 2023 only. Please complete all F5-VILT sessions prior to this date or contact us to switch into an all F3 online version. If in doubt call us at 800-680-3789 ext 333.


What is VILT?

This is a newer distributive learning (DL) technology that allows an instructor to present information by means of a lecture when his/her slides and photos are available for students, but whose students are only present in a virtual classroom. Students login to the classroom and are able to view and hear the presentation. They interact with the instructor by either voice and web cam video or by typing questions in a fashion similar to a chat room. All of the pieces of the activity occur simultaneously.

What is F5 Training?

VILT activities are accepted as traditional live activities by the NREMT and many states because they provide synchronous interaction between students and instructor, the CE provider is able to verify student attendance throughout the activity, and each topic requires that the student make a satisfactory score on the summative exam for each topic presented. The course number for a VILT activity contains an F3 designation.

Please check with your State EMS Agency for more details.

Other F Codes Include:

  • F1: Live In-Person One Time Event
  • F2: Live In-Person Multiple Event
  • F3: Online Distributive Learning
  • F4: Denotes a course wherein the user/student interacts with the activity in such a way that their actions and choices dictate the direction of the activity or case.
  • F5: Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT)
    (Students will only be allowed to attend one VILT session at a time)
EMS Renewal Requirements by State
An information resource for EMS renewals in each state.

VILT Training System Requirements

Operating system Windows 7 – Windows 10
Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) - macOS Mojave 10.14
Internet connection 1 Mbps or better (broadband recommended)
Software GoToTraining desktop app
JavaScript enabled
Hardware 2GB or more of RAM
Microphone and speakers (USB headset recommended**)

VILT System Connection Test

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