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  Announcement Regarding Safety Unlimited Classroom TrainingREVISED 5-19-20
As we begin the reopening process and allow for our employees and students to return to our training centers, we want to assure you we have implemented rigorous cleaning and social distancing practices in our offices as well as our classrooms. On May 18, 2020, we were inspected and approved by our local Code Enforcement officers and were found to meet all restrictions required for our repopulation. We continue to wipe down all surfaces and equipment before and after use as well as periodically throughout the day. We will still be keeping our onsite as well as traveling course sizes reduced to maintain social distancing and have taken all steps necessary to ensure the safest environment. Any student showing signs of illness should NOT attend our training.

EMT Skills Testing for California and NREMTs (Testing Only, NO Training or Practice)


EMT Skills Testing, also known as "EMT Psychomotor Examination" or "EMT Skills Verification," is required for new EMTs and those EMTs seeking recertification. Safety Unlimited, Inc. offers Skills Testing at least monthly in Simi Valley, California, as shown in the schedule below.

Important Note: EMT Skills Testing is just testing. It is not practicing or training, and students should show up prepared to be tested.



The skills testing session is to verify proficiency of the EMT renewing or reinstating his/her certification or for the EMT student who needs the skills testing for NREMT. These skills meet all NREMT and California requirements for skills testing and are valid for 2 years from the date of completion.

Students who fail Skills Testing will need to re-enroll and retake the Skills Testing at a later date. Students who fail Skills Testing can retake the testing at a reduced re-enrollment price.

Because we know EMT Skills Testing is not easy, we also offer an Skills Test Practice the morning before EMT Skills Testing, as well as Skills Test Training a week before the testing, for those who need more preparation to be ready to test.

We also offer Package Deals that include Practice Testing and EMT Skills Test Training.

There is no EMS-CE awarded for Skills Testing.
EMT Skills Competency Verification
BLS/ALS Continuing Education Credits

This EMS-CEU ( 5 Hours) course has been approved for 5 Contact Hours (5 CEUs) of BLS/ALS Instructor-based Continuing Education by CE (Provider 56-0013), CAPCE Provider #SUNI0321.

IACET Continuing Education Credits Effective 11-1-2019

Authorized IACET Provider

Safety Unlimited, Inc. is authorized by IACET to offer 5 Contact Hours (0.5 CEUs) of Continuing Education (CE) for this program.

Safety Unlimited, Inc. (Provider #5660170-2) is accredited by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET). Safety Unlimited, Inc. complies with the ANSI/IACET Standard, which is recognized internationally as a standard of excellence in instructional practices. As a result of this accreditation, Safety Unlimited, Inc. is accredited to issue the IACET CEU. As an IACET Accredited Provider, Safety Unlimited, Inc. offers CEUs for its programs that qualify under the ANSI/IACET Standard.

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Safety Unlimited, Inc. offers packaged deals that include combinations of Skills Testing, Skills Test Practice and Skills Test Training.

Private EMT Skills Testing

Safety Unlimited also offers Private EMT Skills Testing for EMTs who need Skills Testing outside our regularly scheduled sessions.

  • For dates/times when an EMT Instructor is already on duty, sessions are priced at $100 for up to 2 hours of testing and $50 per hour above 2 hours, billable in one hour increments. For example, a 2-hour and 20 minute session will be billed at 3 hours.
  • For dates/times when an EMT Instructor is NOT already on duty, rates vary on circumtances, as detailed below:
    • Option 1 - One EMT Instructor is priced at $100 for up to 2 hours and $50 per hour above 2 hours, billable in one hour increments. Please know certain Skills cannot be tested, such as C-spine, as at least 2 EMTs are required to test for this Skill. Also note, same-day retests are not allowed with this option, as a second EMT Instructor must conduct a same-day retest when a student fails a Skill.
    • Option 2 - Two EMT Instructors are priced at $200 for up to 2 hours and $80 per hour above 2 hours, billable in one hour increments. All Skills can be tested with this option and same-day retests are also allowed.

For both of the above options, a 2-hour 20 minute session will be billed at 3 hours.

Complete Form to Request a Private EMT Skills Session

Refund Policy

Occasionally, there are not enough students to hold a testing, practice, or training session. This is because a minimum number of students are required for team skills activities. If a class must be cancelled because this minimum number is not reached, students can opt for a full refund or move their session to a future date. Should the class need to be cancelled, the decision to do so will be made by Safety Unlimited at least one week prior to the session date.

If a student is unable to attend a class or testing session for which they have registered, he/she must contact Safety Unlimited in advance to either transfer or cancel the registration.

Safety Unlimited will offer a full refund if the student cancels 15 or more calendar days before the start of the class.

Cancellations received 14 calendar days or less before the start of the class will be charged a fee of 20% of the tuition.

For more details, please review the Classroom Training/Testing portion of our Refund Policy.

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